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Within 5 minutes saw this video on Facebook and this quote on Twitter. Think the universe is trying to tell me something

1 min read

Within 5 minutes saw this video on Facebook...

...and this quote on Twitter...


...Think the universe is trying to tell me something


Why I'm voting REMAIN

4 min read

Ok, I'm not going to rant on about it. but here's a single post to say why I'm voting REMAIN! If you are still undecided, hopefully, this helps.

Some of the things we have because of EU:

  • Paid Maternity Leave
  • Equal Pay and Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • The Human Rights act - Our Tory government tried to scrap it. EU Law forbids them
  • Guaranteed Holiday Leave
  • Broke the monopoly of Mobile Phone companies to force lower prices - Remember how expensive it used to be to call from/to a mobile. Without EU law to keep them in order, that'll creep back up. Our Tory government always favour business over individuals. Europe actually fights against business from getting to big or powerful
  • Forced Mobile Phone companies to stop charging roaming fees - Remember how expensive THAT used to be
  • Broke monopolies of airlines to allow cheaper flights across europe - If you never could afford a european holiday before Ryanair and Easyjet existed, you have the EU to thank for the fact you now can
  • We have complete freedom of movement across europe - If you've ever travelled outside europe, think what customs was like. Now imagine that every time you go abroad

Some misconceptions

  • EU is unelected but tells us what to do - When you vote in the european elections, you're choosing who will go to Europe and vote on your behalf. Every vote in Europe should be attended by your MEP. If they aren't fighting for you, it's not an argument to leave europe, it's an argument for getting a better MEP. (Meanwhile, in the UK, laws are blocked by the House of Lords which is entirely unelected and always does what is in the interest of rich old white guys rather than the rest of us)

Some lies from the Leave camp

  • Immigrants - We already have controls and limits on the amount of immigrants who come into the country. Many of them are working 2 or more jobs doing the jobs that people in this country don't want to do. They are not even allowed to claim benefits unless they have been settled in the country for a number of years. 
  • That front page headline in the Mail a few days ago about the van of immigrants saying when the door opened 'hi we're from europe'...What they actually said was 'Hi, we're from Iraq'. The mail knew this and printed it anway because they're trying to stir up racial hatred to distract from the fact they don't have a coherent argument. They had to print an apology the next day. They hid it inside the paper
  • That 300 million figure that Leave painted on the side of their buses? It's more like £150 million once rebates are factored in. And what do we get for that 150 million? Think of all the buildings, parks, public spaces and other things that are built for the public good which have those 'financed by EU' signs. On top of that, we get all the benefits listed above.

If you own shares in any companies here in the uk, look at how much the share price has plummeted over the last few months. Last week, when the opinion polls swung back to the majority backing remain, they jumped up again. If we vote leave, the economy will collapse as people sell up and pull out of uk based stock.

Please vote tomorrow. I hope you vote Remain, but at least don't let lies and a campaign of fear be what shapes your choice.

(Edited to fix typos. This was all just off the top of my head and wasn't proof-read before I hit Post!)

Watch this John Oliver video for a funnier, more balanced overview:


46k cycle - velodrome and back

1 min read

I managed to trim 2-3 minutes off the first half of the journey, reaching the Velodrome in 58 minutes. The first time I've managed it in under an hour. Evidently, I was slower than my most recent trip since overall time is almost exactly the same.

I did see a baby fox though, so all is well!



What have the Romans ever done for us?

2 min read


I feel as though I've been having this conversation a lot lately...

They've bled us dry, and what have they ever given us in return?

Paid maternity leave


Paid maternity leave

Oh, oh yeah they did give us that, that's true, yeah...

Equal pay and anti-discrimination laws

Oh yeah, equal pay and anti-discrimination laws, Reg, remember what it used to be like?

Alright I'll grant you paid maternity leave, equal pay and anti-discrimination laws are the three things the EU have done...

And guaranteed holiday leave...

Well yeah, obviously guaranteed holiday leave. I mean that goes without saying, doesn't it? But apart from paid maternity leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination laws and guaranteed holiday le...

The human rights act...The Tories wanted to scrap it but EU law meant they couldn't.

...Forced mobile phone companies to stop charging roaming fees...

...Free movement across European borders...

...Broke the monopolies of the phone companies to enable cheaper calls...

...Broke the monopolies of the airlines to enable cheap European flights...

Yeah they certainly know how to keep big businesses in order Reg, let's face it, they're the only ones who could in a place like Britain.

ALRIGHT! But apart from paid maternity leave, equal pay, anti-discrimination laws, guaranteed holiday leave, free movement, the human rights act, cheaper phone calls and cheap flights...WHAT HAVE THE EU EVER DONE FOR US!?

I realise I will just have infuriated half the people who read this, so I'll shut up now :D


Irvine cycle trip

1 min read

Irvine BeachPedalled from Carfin to Irvine Beach in just under 4 hours. Now letting the train take the strain on the way back home


Schorem Barbers - Rotterdam

1 min read

I found this short-ish (49 min) documentary about the famous Schorem barbershop in Rotterdam pretty entertaining.